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An overview of our recent bigger and currently ongoing projects.


BCS Itera AS
Tallinn, Mäealuse, Technomedicum. Interior design project for new office premises of approx. 700 m². Designer Deizi Kahar.


Järvekaare apartment buildings
Apartments with the Ülemiste Lake view. A modern apartment building tandem in the urban region near Tallinn in the Rae Rural Municipality, Järeveküla village 5 km and 10 minutes’ drive from the Tallinn city centre near the Ülemiste Lake in the south from the city. For all apartment buyers the kitchen and bathroom and wardrobe furniture from Deizi Disain with special price.


Norwegian market
Export of Estonian design and production. Private residences and apartment buildings, furniture and full interior design solutions.


Luxury apartments in the Jakobsoni apartment building
64 modern and comfortable 1-4-room apartments. Several apartments have balconies; all three-room and four-room apartments have a sauna. The apartments are situated on the 2nd – 7th floor. Deizi Disain grants a 30% discount from the furniture price for the buyers of apartments of the house at C.R.Jakobsoni Street 17/17a.


Vesiveski apartment building in Keila
An apartment building with 2-4-room apartments built by Abakus Development OÜ in Keila on the Vesiveski II plot. Vesiveski apartment building is situated near the Keila entrance, on the area alongside the Luha Street and the Tallinn Highway, at the address Tallinn Highway 25. Deizi Disain was the interior design partner.

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